Dizi Rascals



Mum always told me not to play with my food when I was a nipper. I was never one of those chop it all up and build it into a fort  kids, but sometimes culinary and architectural curiosity would meet, and I’d indulge the urge to see if potato would make a good bridge, or perhaps just a nice mound with sausage stucco.

Dizi, an Iranian dish, requires you to play with your food. You’re even given a special masher to do it with. Made from mutton meat and fat, chickpeas, whole tomatoes, potatoes and onions its not unlike an exotic Irish stew, at first.

A lunch dish, its served in individual clay or pewter pots accompanied by flat bread and a raw onion. The liquid is decanted into the bowl provided and the fat spooned out, bits of bread are added this is then mashed with the masher. Then all of the solids are added and mashed again until it looks like the mess below. This is then eaten with flat bread.

Dizzi is one of the best dishes we’ve come across on our little jaunt, ribsticking, wholesome and fun.



10 thoughts on “Dizi Rascals

  1. Hi guys, I hope you both had a good Christmas and New Year. Looks like Dizi makes an interesting change from Turkey and Ham (still going!!). Are you back on the road? What route do you plan to take from now? Si, I was up in Ballinastoe earlier today, impossible to cycle due to two feet of snow, but incredibly beautiful. Keep pedaling. Adrian.

  2. Tasty! The other name for this dish is ‘abgusht’, which is from two Farsi words ‘ab’ and ‘gusht’ literally translating as ‘water meat’ 🙂

  3. Heyaa Fearghal..Merry Xmas!! 😛 Hope everythingz goin well! Dad only told us abou wha happened da other day..r u ok!? Ye’r both doin realy well nywayz-keep it up!! Tty soon, ur favourite cuz Ella! 😀

  4. Heeey, hope ye’re well, and that ye had a good Christmas, and best wishes for 2010 🙂 Ye’re doing brilliantly, ye’re almost there!!! See ye soon, Claire (Fearghals cousin :P) P.S. Lovin’ the beards!! Lol

  5. @Adrian We’re in Georgia now, its christmas day here again, orthdox christians reckon jesus arrived on the six santa arrives on new years eve here- very confusing.

    From here we head to Turkey, then Romania and follow the Danube to Vienna, then its the Alps to Italy followed by the Rhone, valley to Alsace then follow the Rhine to Dusseldorf, then the Irish Isles.

    We’re snow free at the moment too!

    @Tom water meat it is then.

    @Ella Whey Hey!!! great to hear from you, have you been following all the time? All’s good with me now, I was a little shaky for a few weeks afterwards, but now I’m grand.

    @Claire Thanks for the new years wishes, happy new year to you too, pass it on to the oul ones too. Glad you like the beards ; )

  6. hey guys,
    was in istanbul on a stop over to nigeria there yesterday and I went to see the mechanic who fixed our bikes while i was there for a cup of chay.
    anyway when you get to istanbul look him up. he’s a good mechanic and has perfect english. he even helped us with posting home a load of shite from the main post office.

    his shop is called ‘pedal sportif’ and its located near the ferries. follow the tram track from the blue mosque or sultahnmet till you get to the sea almost. on your right will be a train station/bus station and on your right will be a mcdonalds. between the mcdonalds and the burger king there’s a lane. take the lane and then take the first right past motorbike shops and then right again heading back towards the tram tracks. it should be on you right hand side opposite a fancy enough street-long building. its in the general area of the main post office, ask around and you should find it. m( sorry for the vague directions its only afterwards i thought about telling you lads)

    keep up the pedalling lads, you’re an inspiration

  7. WoW! This is great! I should say that 224 cyclists that I have helped and guided so far in Tabriz have tried this meal (and some have ordered a second meal!!!). I am so glad to see that you love the taste so much!
    I am now hosting Juan Martinez Lopez, the Spanish cyclist! I wish you the best!

    ‘Friends of a feather ”FLICKR” together.’ Hanif
    ‘ I n unity c y c l i s t s s t a n d united ! ‘ Hanif

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