Courting Impossible

The Global Triathlon from Daniel Martin on Vimeo.


Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men, at least that’s what Mohommed Ali reckoned. He was a big man, and didn’t seem to be held back by impossiblity. Dan Martin is another big man who doesn’t let im get in the way of his possible.  

Dan’s planning a global triathlon! Even trying to think up the craziest expedition I could imagine I never would have dared dream of something like this; swim the Atlantic, bike across Siberia in winter, then run across North America!

Quite simply its nuts and maybe not possible.

But, Dan is going to give it a bash all the same. He’ll be spending four months at sea then hopping on his bike to the bearing straits then running to New York in time for the City Marathon. Like I said nuts, and maybe impossible.

We’ll be following Dan’s historic adventure closely. I really hope he can redefine a global Triathlon as possible.


One thought on “Courting Impossible

  1. Dear Simon and Fearghal,

    I am so glad to see that your tour is going smoothly and without any serious problems. I am willing to follow each part of your journey. I check it as much and as often as I can. I hardly get any time these days to surf the net but be sure that the first thing I ever do is checking your web.

    I must admit that you have got a big and interesting topic here:
    Courting Impossible.

    I hope your friend does it well. In case you meet any other cyclists or tourists heading towards Iran, let them have my email or address. I’ll be glad to help them.

    ‘Friends of a feather ”FLICKR” together.’ Hanif
    ‘ I n unity c y c l i s t s s t a n d united ! ‘ Hanif

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