Route Update


Tiblisi – Georgia

At the time of writing this blog, we were in Tiblisi in the warmer than expected winter. My odometer showed 20800km, over 2/3rds of the way around the World (total to cycle is 28,900km). I figured it was about time to update our route map, so here it is below, with blue for where we’ve cycled, red for cycling left to do and green for flights/boats.

The basic plan from Here is to head to Istanbul via the Black Sea coast, then Northwards to catch the Danube river which we’ll follow via Budapest and Vienna, until we reach the Alpes. Then we’ll hook down towards Italy, skirt the Mediterranean coast of France (if anyone has a contact in the Hotel de Paris in Monaco who’ll let in 2 grubby cyclists, please let us know. No, we don’t have tuxedos with us!!), then back Northward through the Rhone and Rhine Valleys to Calais where we’ll catch a boat to England. From there it’s back to cycling on the left of the road (after 17 months on the right), which we can hopefully manage to do safely until we reach Stranraer, Belfast and finally, Greystones, hopefully on the 17th April in time for a huge party!


One thought on “Route Update

  1. It’s impressive to see the updated map of your route. The trace mapping your expedition, puts into perspective the magnitude of your journey. Well done for the kilometers gone by and good luck on the ones ahead =)

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