Lost Video Clips


Check out these 2 other video snippets from the party here and here

I’ve been going through some of my photos and found this forgotten footage of Fearghal “dancing” at party in Iran and just in case anyone wants to learn some of his fancy moves, I thought I’d put it up for you. Learn these and you’ll have all your mates green with envy.

Sorry its not the right way up.


2 thoughts on “Lost Video Clips

  1. Hi Lads..

    Well done on reaching Europe 🙂

    But I thought you guys were supposed to be heading south to Egypt and come back through North Africa?

    I know a Libyan visa is a problem for most Europeans due to a row with Gadafi’s nephew being kicked out of a restaurant in Switzerland,but Ireland is not one of the 25 banned European countries.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  2. Hi Tony, great to have you with us.

    Re Libya, our research said that we could probably get a visa, but it would require getting a private tour at 50euro a day per head. As it would have taken roughly 10 days to cross, in addition to the cost of visa and translations it was too pricy.
    Following central asia we’ve had our fill of deserts and Buerocracy. Besides, in winter there’s not a whole load of challenge to the desert. Instead we opted for Europe- and more cold.

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