Rain Storm


Bucharest – Romania

There have been numerous times while cycling under the searing sun, sweating my ass off, wondering why the hell I was carrying a good few kilos of thermals and waterproof rain gear, but since arriving in Turkey, I’m glad I kept them. It has rained almost every day, soaking roads and fields and making camping almost impossible, as to camp would require a boat rather than a tent. We have dodged collapsed roads and tentatively made our way across flooded sections, trying not to get soaked by cars driven by all too impatient drivers.

On our first day in Bulgaria, to escape the rain we found a small derelict building to sleep in and set ourselves up for the night. But when I awoke and looked about in the full light of day, I had a sense of deja vu of camping in the desert in China, as our lovely digs seemed to have been used regularly as the public toilet with numerous “packages” scattered about the place. But luckily we’ve been well received by many locals who have taken us into their homes, given us shelter, food and water, and through charades and broken English, we’ve been enlightened to their customs and culture.

Now with all the luxuries of Europe creeping in, we’re finding more and more excuses to keep out of the rain, and have been indulging ourselves with morning coffee and brandys, long boozy lunches (with wobbly cycling afterwards!) and, being the off season, have enjoyed sleeping in some really cheap hotels. As Fearghal says, this is gradually turning into a Tuxpedition!!


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