The Brick Wall of Eternal Dissatisfaction

Mmmm, Tasty


Here’s a great blog from Tom, our Christmas host in Armenia. 

Constant Dissatisfaction- men that don’t fit in or simply typical of the overindulged and restless generation X? 

Comments Please, and don’t hold back especially the errr…. older readers : ) 

The funny thing is that no matter how much time you spend on the bike thinking “by God this is boring, why am I doing this again?” as you pass yet another crumbling kilometre marker telling you exactly how far it is to the next place where you’ll buy too much bread and not enough bananas and people will laugh and ask you where you’re from and if you’re married and check your tyre pressure before you pedal off to find a good campsite a hundred metres down a jeep track littered with empty sun-bleached fag packets, you always get home and remember how beautiful it was and how free you were and how good it felt to be out there. This I still cannot reconcile. More


2 thoughts on “The Brick Wall of Eternal Dissatisfaction

  1. The brick wall of eternal dissatisfaction, or the great question of life?

    Call it what you like, but it boils down to much the same thing…

    At some point in our lives we reach a crossroads and there are big decisions to be made. The easy answer is to put off making the decision for a while longer and just continue freewheeling down the same road, but pretty soon you just come to another crossroads.

    Now, after your frantic dash across the Orient, the Stans and the Middle East, you’ve reached more familiar ground and the pace has slowed considerably, decision time looms ever larger with each turn of the crank and you know that as soon as you get home, you are going to be asked a thousand times “What now?”

    A short question to which there is never a short answer.

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