Road Recipes- A Hot Punch

Revolution Punch-step two


For the next few Mondays we’ll be posting a new recipe from the road.

This winter warmer is great for rosing the cheeks when its cold outside. We drink it after dinner, as we watch the last flames of the campfire die down, readying ourselves for sleep in our frigid tents.

It can be made with or with out hooch, a few cloves will provide enough spice to fill in the gap and if you have some bitters, a few drops will help too. As with all of our recipes its also very flexible and can be tailored to use your favourite spirit, or whatever’s on the reduced to clear shelf at tesco. We’ve made it with Armenian Brandy, Uzbek Vodka, Georgian Grappa…- whatever’s cheap and available. 


1 orange sliced

1 Lemon Sliced

100g sugar

100mls Vodka

700mls Water


Method: Combine everything except the vodka in a pot and bring to the boil, stir till sugar is dissolved then add vodka. Serve  hot from a flask on a snowy hill top or somewhere cold, windy and beautiful. Click here for step by step instructions.

Fancy Permutations:

Hot Pink Gin: Replace the vodka with gin, and the orange and lemon with two pink grapefruits(peeled) use brown sugar and add a few drops of angostura bitters to taste.  

Hot Orange Brandy: Replace lemon with orange and the vodka with Cointreau.

Hot Spiced Rum: Replace vodka with dark rum, add 5 cloves a stick of cinnamin and a vanilla pod to the mixture. Remove the cloves immediately after boiling.



One thought on “Road Recipes- A Hot Punch

  1. Sounds like a big improvement on the cold black tea or salty orange juice (in those days Lucozade was only for when you were ill) I used to put in my bike bottles.

    Warms the bones just reading about it.

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