Homecoming Cycle – 15th May

Revolution Parade Float


Prague – Czech Republic

Do you remember where you were for the moon landing or when JFK was shot? Well the following date is as important if not more so, because on 15th May is the Big Homecoming Cycle directly followed by a party so raucous it’ll knock your socks off! If you were one of the 200 or so people who joined us for the First Leg cycle, you’ll remember that the atmosphere was incredible, and no doubt the homecoming cycle will be even bigger and better.

The cycle will start in Blackrock college at 3pm and cover the 25km to Greystones on flat roads apart from the small lump that is Bray Head, and will finish at around 5pm at the Greystones Rugby Club, only a few minutes down the road from the town center. There, after 18 months, 30,000km and many arduous hours in the saddle, we’ll complete the First Irish Circumnavigation of the World by Bicycle! Of course, after completing such a mammoth task, one needs to celebrate, so there’ll be a big party with live music, DJ’s, Raffle, Barbeque, and lots, lots more…..

So dust off your bike, get your party hat on, and come down and join us! All proceeds in aid of Aware, more details to follow soon, watch this space.


One thought on “Homecoming Cycle – 15th May

  1. I look forward to joining the action on 15th May. Don’t think I’ve cycled over Windgates and down into Greystones for over 40 years, but I can still feel the rush of wind in my face! Since you and most of your supporters long post-date JFK and the moon landing, you deserve the support of a few veteran (or vintage?) cyclists who really will be adding 15/05/10 to those old memories.

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