Road Recipes- Caramel Oranges

Caramel Oranges- Step 1


For the next few mondays we`ll be posting recipes from the road.

Here’s a simple recipe for desert that can be made on the road. Whether you’re riding in Argetina, Iberia or Iran, pick up some of those juicy oranges, a packet of hard caramels and a pot of cream or yoghurt.

Caramel Oranges

1 packet of Hard caramels
6 oranges
1 packet of ginger nuts biscuits, or any biscuits you can get yourhands on.
Anything sweet crunchy will also work.

Method :peel oranges with a knife, taking care to remove the pith, and cut into rounds.
Put caramels in a plastic bag and crush with the base of a pot/ rock/brick/pump etc.
Add oranges and crushed caramels and leave to sit for three hours or until the caramel is dissolved.
Whip cream- if you’ve no whisk put in a container with a lid, a jam jar is perfect, and shake till stiff.

Serve oranges with whipped cream and ginger nuts crumbled over.


2 thoughts on “Road Recipes- Caramel Oranges

  1. hi fearg, sounds nice but photo 3 looks like the cat just threw up over an orange , how about photo 4 and 5????

    take care donnie and edith

  2. nice Donnie , very nice …and there’s me looking forward to Simon’s Bangers & Mash followed by that as dessert ….

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