The Support Crew


Cambridge – England

Over the last 18 months, we’ve passed through many countries and landscapes, slogged up mountain passes and rolled effortlessly along flat open plains. We’ve been frozen to the core, soaked in rain, and soaked in sweat. We’ve had aches and strains, been hungry, thirsty, sick and tired. We’ve and had many trials and many tribulations. But without the support of the people on our route, we would not be where we are now, sitting in Cambridge, with only a short stint left to do until we finish in Greystones.

These people have housed us, fed us, shared their stories and shared their culture. They’ve welcomed us into their homes at a moments notice and shared with us whatever they could, from giving us clean water from their well to cooking up gigantic feasts. They’ve given us a dusty floor of their shed, an entire floor of their home, and their own beds in which to sleep. They’ve made us laugh, made us think, told us tales of joy and tales of sadness. They’ve raised our spirits when we were down, buoying us up with their acts of kindness, and humbling us with their overwhelming generosity. These people, these friends, our wonderful worldwide support crew.


3 thoughts on “The Support Crew

  1. Yeah nice one Si ,some fantastic blogs over the year and a half of great kindness to yourself and ferg it’s great to give them a shout out, hopefully after reading the stories people may be more open to strangers and perhaps offer shelter , water a helping hand . I know ill try . Really looking forward to seeing you both crossing the line in less than 2 weeks after an amazing adventure

  2. Good stuff lads. I particularly like the one of Fearghal’s look of incredulity as yer man snuggles up for the photo. Not to mention the one of the local boyos around the table and one of them on his mobile. And then of course there’s Fearghal in his lycra longs arm in arm with the missus. You couldn’t make it up…

  3. Guys, just to say congratulations on a fine effort. Learned of your adventure from Marina whom I met on a flight to Geneva in Sept 2008 and have been a regular follower of your blog since then. Great stories of friendship from the road. Maybe everyone should get on a bike. Have you an arrival date for Belfast?
    “Long live The Revolution”

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