Best, Worsts etc…

Suusamyr - Too mountains


Stranraer – Scotland

Best Day’s Cycling – Crossing the Ala Bel Pass in Kyrgyzstan, snow capped mountains, glistening rivers and lakes and golden eagles soaring overhead, spectacular.

Worst Day’s Cycling – Turkmenistan, the push to the Iranian border. On the last day of my 5 day transit visa, I had 120 km to do before the border closed at 4pm, but with the powerful headwind, I could only manage about 15km/hr which was barely enough time to make it. I gave myself a 50/50 chance and pushed as hard as I could…and just made it!

Best Moment – skinny dipping in a freezing mountain river in Kyrgyzstan, at the end of my best day’s cycling, pure freedom. 

Worst Moment – Lying in the middle of a 4 lane road in Uzbekistan after doing a superman over the bonnet of a car.

Best Roads – Austria

Worst Roads – Bolivia

Best Drivers – Austrians

Worst Drivers – Uzbeks (see above)

Best Food – Italy

Worst Food – Bolivia

Best (hottest) Girls – Kyrgyzstan

Worst Girls – China

and more….

Most Friendly People – Iranians

Least Friendly People – Armenians

Toughest Climb – up to the Meghri pass in Southern Armenia, very steep.

Longest Climb – Peru, the road from Abancay to Nazca, 2 days of non stop ascending.

Funniest Animal – A Peruvian dog wearing an orange long sleeve jumper, the sleeves were dragging behind the poor thing, but it was hilarious!

Best Cycling food – Iranian Dizzy

Most Beautiful Country – Kyrgyzstan

Most Spectacular Scenery – Bolivia, wierd landscapes, salt lakes, sandy deserts, volcanoes etc…

Do you have any more, bests/ worsts for us, add your questions in the comments box below, cheers.

4 thoughts on “Best, Worsts etc…

  1. Best/Worst Cake?
    Best/Worst shops for cycling supplies?
    Best/worst mosquito or insect swallowing while riding…?

  2. Hi! How are you?
    Do you remember me?!
    Now you are in Ireland; it is so interesting retuning homeland after months!
    About Dizzy: Yes it is delicious; with special fresh bread: Sangak
    And about bicycle: I love cycling so much but unfortunately I cant use it accept our Yard.
    Good Luck.

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