Ferg and Si have been mates as far back as they can remember, and have been dreaming about going on a big adventure for almost as long.

One rainy night in Dublin, three years ago, they made a pact to turn their dream into a reality. Over a few too many Guinness in The Stag’s Head they agreed to take a chance and attempt something that seemed almost impossible to two ordinary lads from Wicklow. Boldly, they decided to cycle around the world.

The next three years were spent planning and training, poring over maps and reading expedition journals. Climbing mountains, cycling 1000km through the Egyptian desert, crawling through the freezing mud of the infamous Tough Guy Challenge and of course, spending many grueling miles in the saddle.

Fearghal O’ Nuallain Biography

Fearghal grew up in Greystones, Wicklow, just across the green from Simon with whom he used to trade National Geographic magazines and Asterix books as a nipper.

When he left school he had dreams of owning his own restaurant so he trained as a chef and studied wine. Ferg worked in some decent restaurants in Dublin, L’ecrivain and Shanahans on the Green, and with Donovan and Phillippa Cooke at Ondine in Melbourne.

After a 6 month stint at Ondine in 2003 he needed to clear his head so he borrowed a friend’s bike and cycled 1,000km from Melbourne to Sydney. The trip took nearly 3 weeks as he was so unfit after 16hr days at the stoves. Despite the challenge, Fearghal loved the feeling of freedom and achievement associated with cycling long distances, and the trip sowed the seeds for future adventures. These seeds have been watered by camping trips in the Jungles of Malaysia and the Philippines, cycling solo to St Petersburg, Trekking in the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and cycling through the Egyptian Desert.

He’s currently finishing a BA in Economics and Geography at UCC, after deciding that it was high time to get some education. Now that’s out of the way though, its time for an adventure. By spending 16 months cycling around the earth, Fearghal hopes that he’ll get to see some of the places from those National Geographic magazines that used to fill his daydream as a boy.

If he’s really lucky, he might even get to have a few adventures with his best mate, just like Asterix and Obelix.

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around

Sophia, Vanilla Sky

Simon Evans Biography

Simon was born in Dublin in 1981 and raised in Wicklow between the hills and the sea where his love of nature and the outdoors was born. As part of an active family, he would often go hill walking, rock climbing, surfing, sailing and mountainbiking, in fact pretty much anything adventurous and outdoors.

He went to school in Wicklow then studied structural engineering in Trinity College, Dublin. After receiving his degree he moved to Cambridge, England where he lived and worked as a structural engineer until 2008.

While on the first of his adventures in the jungles of Malaysian Borneo, he experienced the thrill of travelling to new and exciting cultures, eating exotic food, seeing incredible plants, animals and landscapes. Cycling adventures in Ireland, Portugal, Morocco and the UK led him to appreciate the merits of bicycle touring, being self powered along with being engulfed by your surroundings.

Revolution cycle will require Simon to push his limits and by doing so, he hopes to find things about himself that he would not know if left untested. By sharing his experiences with others, he hopes to inspire others to think big and to explore their own potential.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet


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