Things are hotting up, its time to make some changes.

Its common knowledge that the world’s climate is changing due to the outputs created by our modern lifestyles. I have to admit that I’m not too clued up on the science of it all. I don’t think many of us are. But we have to have to develop an understanding of how our actions are effecting the world around us before we hope make the right changes.

In an effort to educate myself I’ve been doing some research and come across these two videos. Both take a different approach to a well known issue, one familiar, the other’s, a bit of a “surprise”


Jam and Cats, the logical answer to global warming.

This funny little video, based on sound science and logical reasoning provides a practical solution to peak oil, global warming and some of the energy problems facing today’s world. Using two materials that are in potentially indefinite supply, jam and cats, we could replace oil and other dirty means of energy production. The possibilities seem endless, and I could imagine great swathes of white carpet providing sustainable travel around the globe.Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do my bit for the kitty, kitty, kitty.It comes via Paul Smyth’s freshly squeezed blog.